Journeys Explored
Photographic Series
Location - Falmouth, Penmere, Penryn, Perranwell and Truro.
23/03/2019, 8:56am - 15:26pm

Journeys Explored discovers the unknown stories hidden behind fellow passengers on public transport in and around Falmouth. It is a theme inspired by my daily commute to University, where I question the thoughts of ‘Who are these people? What is their story? Where are they going?’. Every individual has their own goal and destination, and with the voyeuristic viewpoint from which we see others, the focus of the photographic journal will be to capture snippets and fragments of their daily lives that are revealed to us. The idea will attempt to capture these fleeting glimpses that we briefly experience, through repeating the daily journey, witnessing and interacting with a range of characters and personalities, naturally observing each. Everyone holds their individual story and this project will begin to uncover our understanding of their blurb. 

The Bus
I began the day by photographing local residents on the bus, leading from Penryn to Falmouth, repeatedly completing the journey, backwards and forwards until a great amount of images were taken. ​​​​​​​
Curiosity span throughout my mind, wondering where all of these individuals were going and questioning what was on their mind? What lied ahead of them on this day? What were their goals?
The Train
I then continued my day by exploring the individuals present on the local train, leading from Falmouth Docks to Truro. I was greeted with a wide range of ages, students to the elderly, all occupying different perspectives and daily outlooks. I repeated this journey until [unfortunately] my camera battery decreased. I did not want to repeat this activity as I believed the spontaneity of the outcomes increased their overall meaning and enhanced the desired concept. 

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