Farrow & Ball - By Kids, for Kids range
Falmouth University, 2018
A one day project. By exploring different media channels and a sweep of ideas across an evolutionary spectrum, maximise a brands’ potential. Interrogate the possibilities for development and refresh our ‘encounters’ with them.

Farrow & Ball are a high-end, luxury British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers, largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives. I noticed a consistent tone of voice, where they expressed their ‘quality’, ‘timeless’ and ‘rich’ products, tailoring themselves towards a limited audience. The colours sold by the brand are very muted and hushed, lacking any sense of vivacity or "life" that would appeal to a younger audience.

Therefore, I proposed ‘Farrow & Ball by kids, for kids’ - a new range of paint colours. The new colour palette provides a gentle transition into the more playful realm of colours, accompanied by enjoyable names and imaginative stories that will be appreciated by the younger target market.
A ‘colour-in wallpaper’, hand crafted by children, allows their imagination and creativity to flourish with the use of the new Farrow & Ball ‘smelly pencils’ which link directly to the colour range. 

Branding & Identity, Copywriting
New Identity
I designed a new logo, inspired by the firm, original circular stamp of Farrow & Ball – however, altered to give a more natural, light-hearted stance on the market. The chosen typeface emphasises the characteristics of a child, yet still maintaining their key ‘quality’ brand value. 
The new colour palette allows children's imaginations to roam free with their playful and fun stories. The creation of the range will potentially invite a younger audience to be their own bedroom artists!​​​​​​​
The collection of ‘smelly pencils’ reflect the new Farrow & Ball children’s colour range. These pencils act as a VOC toxin eliminator, satisfying the grown ups, whilst enticing the children with their fun scents and playful names.
Either completed as a family activity or the child’s chance to be ‘naughty’ and draw on the walls - the ‘colour-in wallpaper’ sparks creativity and allows children to be their own bedroom artists!

Everyone is happy and the masterpiece brings life to any room.

For kids, by kids. ​​​​​​​

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