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Awarded the Overall Creative Champion at the SW Design Awards 2020
Self-initiated, 2019
Devise a strategy that will reignite the local community spirit that can be implemented throughout the UK. Encourage the integration, connection and communication/interaction between individuals, providing an increased sense of belonging and purpose within the local area. 
The result must facilitate the building of new friendships and support networks, whilst also increasing the overall wellbeing of local people, tackling social isolation as a result of the current loneliness epidemic.​​​​​​​

In collaboration with Airbnb, Project Together is a non-profit organisation that aims to reignite community spirit in local areas across the country. Through community-led workshops and gatherings based on personal skills and mutual passions, Project Together will provide individuals a platform to build friendships, learn new things and gain a sense of belonging, together.
Branding & Visual Identity, UI/UX Design, Film, Motion Graphics, Social Media and Print
Community spirit is defined as a unity of individuals who share common values and a sense of willingness to sacrifice their own self-interest for the good of others. However, new research suggests that this community spirit – for so long a national feature which joined people together, is dying. 
According to the ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood 2016’ report; community spirit has almost vanished in modern Britain with 70 per cent of people admitting they do not know who lives next door, 73 per cent not even knowing their names and upsettingly only 6 per cent stating that community spirit is strong in their area. Gone are the days where people would have homely conversations over the garden fence or nip round to a neighbour to borrow some milk because the local corner shop had shut. It appears we are currently a part of a generation where spirit has been replaced with segregation, ruthless anonymity and an ‘every man for himself’ attitude.

Isolated individuals, who are disconnected from their local community are devoid of deeply meaningful human relations and devoid of the comfort and support that these connections provide. 
Despite these findings, it is prominent that as humans, connections to one another is inherent and we thrive off of physical interaction with 43 per cent of locals wanting to build a stronger sense of community within their area; but with the loss of youth clubs, pubs, community centres and general public spaces for congregation – the opportunity of meeting fellow locals has become something of a rare occurrence. 
Are local communities a thing of the past, with everyone living in their own private bubble? If so, we need to provide the vital glue to bind our communities together again as there is something magical that exists in the art of connectivity.

A selection of responses following a recent survey completed

Visual Identity
Main logo​​​​​​​
The identity has been designed with the people in mind and has been created using a diverse range of handwritings to emphasise the notion of inclusivity, incorporating individuals from all walks of life, coming together for one sole purpose. The identity explores the idea that anybody can participate and put their own stamp on it, with any means of media. The Project Together mark has been inspired by the collaborating brand, Airbnb and their globally recognised ‘Belong Anywhere’ Belo symbol. Not bound by location, the mark is a symbol that transcends language and accepts that we are all different.​​​​​​​
Visual Identity
Community marks
Communities involved with Project Together will have their own bespoke logo which have been designed by collating various handwritings of the chosen locations’ community members, forming a simple, yet effective design. These logos are used when the user enters their local areas online space, discovering their community and available opportunities.
The aim of the film is to encourage and inform viewing individuals of the benefits of coming together as a community, generating an emotional response. It will be showcased on television and on a range of social media platforms, as advertisements to direct the viewer to the website for more information. The film could be also shown within local community environments, in situations where large groups of people congregate. An example would be at football matches, where individuals attend to feel a part of a wider community.

The main narrative and focus of the film was to capture the response of coming together of individuals following organised gatherings using the Project Together platform. The choice of music accompanies the narrative, which positively builds and develops throughout. The film follows the uplifting audio by becoming gradually more light-hearted showing scenes of laughter and happiness.
The finale crescendo reveals Project Together’s mantra and aim of its platform, which concludes with a simple call to action, directing the viewer to the website, where more information can be found in regard to how they can get involved. 
The filming locations were based in both Cornwall and back home in Lancashire
Social Media Campaign
The promotion of Project Together and the sparking of community spirit would exist on social media, in particular on Instagram, under the hashtag #ProjectTogether. Each promotional video would appear as a sponsored post, creating a direct link to the initiatives website.

A mixture of animated and GPS tailored posts will trigger intrigue and partnered with the vibrant visuals, they will capture users’ attention during their daily scrolls.
The website serves as the home-base where users visit and gain further understanding of what Project Together is, how to get involved and register their interest. The website aims to encourage involvement and consequently persuade users to register and follow-up by downloading the app, to try it for themselves.

The website can be accessed independently or directly through Airbnb’s website, which promotes our initiative to an audience of likeminded individuals.
The Project Together app is the main platform where members can get involved in their local community and register to attend and host workshops or gatherings. Once the user has completed their online registration and have received their welcome pack, they are able to continue their journey and discover their local community.

Beyond typical profile information, Project Together asks users to input their interests and specialised expertise to provide users with a customised and greater experience. Giving more personalised information on your interests allows Project Together to find workshops and gatherings that best suits you, as well as recommending other members of the community who share mutual likes. This will find common ground and spark a conversation.
Please view the whole interactive app here
Welcome Pack
As a thank you, Project Together delivers a complimentary welcome pack to registered members. This pack contains a bunch of resources for users to take with them on their first meet-up or to kickstart their own workshop and gathering feeling confident. The welcome pack contains:

- A verification code which provides the user with full access to our app to explore and discover what’s going on nearby.
- A scannable community sticker which allows for individuals to get to know other users and show express their solidarity with the ease of a phone scan.
- A set of postcards to invite and encourage neighbours, friends and family to join and support the scheme.
- A pack of two hand-crafted notebooks which allow for the user to take with them to their first workshop and their first gathering.
- A helpful Guide to Hosting which provides budding hosts with tips and tricks to arranging a successful workshop and gathering
- A collection of little brand cards, which can be traded with friends, or to be simply used as decorative items on pin boards and phone cases, subliminally promoting Project Together to others.
- A collection of our Royal Mail® Special Edition Stamps to spread our positive message and platform to doors all over the country.

Opening of the Welcome Pack
Contents: Verification, Welcome & Cards.
A collection of little brand cards, which can be traded with friends, or to be simply used as decorative items on pin boards and phone cases, subliminally promoting Project Together to others.
The scannable community sticker which at the ease of a phone scan can connect you to other individuals within your local area. It also acts as a symbol of solidarity for the scheme. 
Below you can see how the physical sticker works - in action - as well as the in-app 'digital sticker'. 
Within the welcome pack a set of postcards provide new users to invite family, friends and neighbours, encouraging further interaction with local people.
A collection of our Royal Mail® Special Edition Stamps will not just be a part of the welcome back, but available nationally, to spread our positive message and platform to doors all over the country. 
A pack of two hand-crafted notebooks which will allow for the user to take with them to their 'first workshop' and their 'first gathering'.
A helpful Guide To Hosting which provides budding hosts with tips and tricks to arranging a successful workshop and gathering. ​​​​​​​
Social Media Presence​​​​​​​
The advertising campaigns will link to the Project Together Instagram profile. This page will share a range of different content; including Meet your Hosts, a weekly upload which aims to celebrate a randomly selected host in different communities throughout the UK, Community Insights and Nation Statistics. These posts will encourage and motivate users to build stronger, more resilient communities in their local area.

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