Objectify Yourself - Juggling Balls
Falmouth University, 2018
Get under your own skin and understand yourself as a brand. Reflect upon your core values and the world in which you live - then create a 3D object that represents you. Come up with 3 words that describe your personality and design based on these.

My final object was entirely based on the notion of juggling, incorporating a well-recognised ‘circus theme’ and playing with existing copy of circus and juggling products on both the packaging and accompanied personal ‘how to juggle’ guide. By individually packaging the juggling balls it suggests how interchangeable each value is, dependant on any given time or day. The ‘core collection’ is made up of my three core values, the foundations to my personality. The additional balls on top are those which are commonly added into the equation, making the juggling act harder to master.​​​​​​​
On the sides of each package I have stated a 'difficulty level' - one star being the easiest value to juggle and three stars being the hardest, as seen on 'Worry'. Underneath there is a simple but playful message stating 'get your act together!' commonly expressed in situations where you are ‘all up in the air'. On the back of the boxes are commonly seen packaging symbols. ‘Handle with care’, ‘recyclable’, ‘dispose of’, ‘warning’ and ‘fragile’ are symbols that add additional meaning and link with the associated value. For example: all of the core collection values are advertised as ‘recyclable’ as these are the traits in which are constantly being re-used.

Packaging, Copywriting, Print and Craft Skills

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