A Fragmented Performance; Performance Or Uitvoering
A workshop with Oliver Udy
Photography by Wieke Hesp, designed by myself
Exchange your initial photographs with your neighbouring peer and experiment with layout, flow and storytelling to produce a series of images from a different perspective, creating a finalised draft zine.

By using the blocked lens analog imagery as the focus of the design, it signified the idea of lost moments or more so the idea of imagination. We look at these photographs, unaware of what is behind the negative space. We build up a picture within our minds, yet it is still unknown; unclear. 
Combined with the collated portrait photography, I built a narrative focused around the possible dramatised experience of the unknown, as the portraits resembled film stills, a stage performance, full of emotion and power. What is going on inside her brain? We do not know.

Photography, Editorial, Self-Publishing, Print and Craft Skills
A thin sleeve reveals the title beneath and the remaining fragmented imagery. The overall design consistently utilises a neutral colour palette of pale grey, white and black, partnered with monochrome photography. ​​​​​​​
The typographic elements of the design incorporate two languages; English and Dutch. This was a chosen stylistic approach due to Wieke, the owner of the images, being an international Erasmus student from The Netherlands. This input of her native language allowed the small publication to be more personal.
A delicate and thin saddle stitch binding method has been completed, dividing the centred image in half, alluding this notion of fragmented visuals. The delicacy of the thread assists the minimal and gentle narrative. 

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